Stepper motor spinning disc


Stepper motor spinning disc to meassure camera latency glass to glass.

1000 degrees/seconds wanted rotation speed, to easy measure delays less than 360ms.
To set the measurement interval to maximum 180 ms/just double the speed.

Stepper motor driver:Easy Driver

Motor steps/rev:200
Driver steps/step:8

Calculation:1000*200*8/360=4444.444 steps/sec needed from driver.

4444*60/(200*8)=166.666 rotations/minute.

Pwm board did not update frequency correct with decimal points so I changed to full step mode,
Calculation:1000*200*1/360=555.5 steps/sec needed from driver.
555.5*60/200=166.66 rpm.
Ground MS1 and MS2 to change to full step mode.
Frequency measurement shows 555.7 Hz.

Stepper motor:17HS4023, NEMA 17, 20Ncm

Sketched a housing i onshape:

4mm PC for front, back and bottom to make the 3D-printing easy.
12V power supply.
To generate the pulses, a simple PWM module with a wide input voltage of 5-30V is used.

Only PWM channel 1 is used.
 12VDC power supply.